Is my Iridium 9555 waterproof.

The straightforward solution is no. Although iridium offered a typical 12 month suppliers warranty versus parts and effort it doesn’t nonetheless cover the phone being immersed in water.

Iridium 9555 satellite phone is very robust, and made use of to our extreme conditions and consists of rubber buttons, rubber surrounds and rubber grommets to shut out dust to make it water resistant. The interpretation being water resistant and not water resistant.

So in solution to, is my iridium 9555 Satphone waterproof if submerge, d we believe the water would obtain through and leak into the motherboard make the phone useless.

To obtain around this, 90+ percent of our customers at have actually acquired the 1200 Pelican case, starting at a price of merely $129. The apparent thing regarding the Pelican instance is that they are dustproof, water-proof and shockproof. So not only do they protect your investment however they also keep all the accessories in one place.

We would certainly obtain 10 phone calls a day with the guideline for a brand-new cigarette lighter charger, magnetic roof covering place antenna or mains battery charger, or simply a USB cable that have gone missing from the packet. So this is where the Pelican instance enters its very own, not just will it protect your financial investment being the satellite phone itself from the aspects outside when you’re using it yet additionally it will certainly keep in folks the add-ons in one state.

In our experience it is usually not the purchaser that is utilizing the phone but an end individual, and thus they might not necessarily look after the financial investment of the satellite phone as you would do if you are the owner. To this end it is not unusual for us to see damages satellite phones have rolled off the front seat when needing to brake challenging or looking at a pit, so we very recommend the Pelican instance as a way of shielding their investment in the phone itself but additionally the accessories.

At $90 merely to replace the cigarette lighter charger by itself, you could see that by buying a Pelican situation the time of acquiring phone could typically be fantastic accounting, not just would it protect the phone but in keeping the devices with each other you will certainly find that the requirement to change devices at virtually the very same expense of the situation itself comes to be limited.

So secure your financial investment today with a Pelican 1200 custom moulded distinctive 5 explorer-700-antenna-cable-qn-tnc-100-m satellite phone case. You can get or by calling us on one 300 197 600

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