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Satellite Wifi HotSpots

Just like with your mobile phone, Satellite Wifi devices are available too, so let's share the pros and cons of these devices on a Satellite network.

Let's Investigate

To Wifi or not to Wifi?

The beauty of a satellite wifi device is that you don't need a satellite phone.  You just connect to the satellite networks through your mobile phone. Not only your mobile but your tablet or laptop too. Therefore these devices can be extremely useful and flexible when you are travelling through remote areas.

There are two globally operating satellite networks in Australia which offer such devices and they are Iridium and Thuraya.  Inmarsat are the third operating satellite network however they do not offer a wifi device.

The coverage of these network providers does differ in Australia and you can get our 'customer usage' insights of their performance. 

Selecting The Right Network

Wifi device capabilities include Voice calls, TXT messages, emails and internet browsing however, internet browsing is kinda possible but a 'no, no' as our following reference will indicate.

Satellite Internet Browsing - The  Facts

The attached picture of a windmill is a standard picture like any other on the internet that has been correctly optimised for a website. Not all are optimised hence larger in size and longer to load.

For the 'detail' people amongst us, this image is 570 x 570 pixels, 72 DPI and 324 KB in size.  

Now if the satellite conditions were perfect on the day, the download statistics are as follows:

Network Data SpeedApprox. Download TimeApprox.
Thuraya60 kbps*6 secondsup to $3
Iridium2.4 kbps*135 secondsup to $7

* These results are approximates and only for one image and not a complete web page site. 

Our tips:

- Use mobile versions of websites and apps rather than desktop versions.
- Use web browsers that strip out images.
-Text only email and apps to minimise data transmission.
- If possible, just use the Wifi hotspots for voice calling knowing you have an internet backup if needed.
- Only user in emergency situations.

Now we have a better understanding of both the satellite network coverage and the browsing / downloading challenges, let's look at the devices.

Devices Available in the Australia

Iridium GO! Satellite Wifi HotSpot

Iridium GO!® a reliable global connection for voice calling and text messaging using your own smartphone or tablet, as well as provides enhanced data capabilities offered through optimized apps to meet your unique needs.

Call outs:
- Download / Upload data @ - 2.4kbps / 2.4kbps
- SOS Button
- Current location
- Tracking
- Up to 4 Hours talk time
- Up to 30 hours stand by time

Thuraya SatSleeve Wifi HotSpot

Thuraya SatSleeve Satellite Wifi Hotspot. If you want to keep your smartphone and your satellite unit separate, then this is the one for you. Simply place the Hotspot outside your tent or camper van and make a call, email, message, or use your apps in the comfort of being indoors.
Call outs:
- Download / Upload data @ - 60kbps / 15kbps
- SOS Button
- Up to 3 Hours talk time
- Up to 9 hours stand by time

Choose Your Wifi HotSpot here

Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hot Spot for your Mobile Phone
Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hot Spot for your Mobile Phone
Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hot Spot for your Mobile Phone
Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hot Spot for your Mobile Phone
Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hot Spot for your Mobile Phone

Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hot Spot for your Mobile Phone

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