Not sure about a billed monthly plan?  Get an Inmarsat Prepaid service for your IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone.

Simply match your travel plans with the Prepaid service 'Days of validity' and you are set to have a safe and supported trip. 

PrePaid Cost $198.00
Activation Fee Nil
Units Allocated on the Prepaid Plan 100 Units
Days of Validity after Activation
90 Days
Australian National & Mobile Phone Call per minute
1.5 Units
SMS text Message to Local Aussie Mobile Phones
0.6 Units
In coming Calls No Charge


Things to note:

  • Unlike our 'billed monthly plans' which are similar to a normal Aussie mobile number, Prepaid services receive an international number and to dial one from within Australia would look like this 0011870123456789 or +870123456789
  • Therefore when dialing this type of service from a national Australian landline or Mobile number, premium international call costs could be incurred.
  • Top-Up vouchers can be purchased, Phone: 1300 900 001

IsatPhone $198 -100 Units over 90 Days Prepaid Satellite Plan