Inmarsat Satellite Phone Network Coverage in Australia

Inmarsat operate the other GEO-Stationary network with 1 satellite that servers Australia which sits in the northern sky above Papua New Guinea.

Inmarsat Satellite Phone Coverage in Australia

Perth and Hobart are the furthest distances from this satellite with elevations of 42 and 53 degrees respectively, this is like double the elevation provided by the Thuraya network at its furthest points.

Due to this Satellite being more overhead to Australia our Customers’ feedback is that, “the Inmarsat coverage is good across the country including Tasmania”.

Inmarsat only has one phone available which is the IsatPhone 2.

Satellite Phone Warehouse with their Customer feedback and experience have placed a coverage icon to indicate the performance of these Sat Phones in Australia on each handset available.

Inmarsat's Coverage indicator across Australia.

Inmarsat Satellite Phone Coverage in Australia