Iridium Satellite Phone Network Coverage in Australia

Unlike its competitors, Iridium operates a constellation of 66 Low Earth Orbiting satellites, they are like …. Everywhere.

Iridium Global Satellite Phone Network

Travelling at speeds of 27,000 Kms per hr, this connected mesh of satellites can do a complete orbit of the earth in about 100 minutes.

No need to locate a fixed satellite with Iridium, just point the Phone’s Antenna to the sky and go!!!




The Iridium phones are the 9555, the 9575 Extreme and the Satellite to mobile phone Wifi HotSpot the Iridium GO.

Satellite Phone Warehouse with their Customer feedback and experience have placed a coverage icon to indicate the performance of these Sat Phones in Australia on each handset available.

Iridium's Coverage indicator across Australia.

Iridium Satellite Phone Coverage in Australia Map