Thuraya Satellite Phone Network Coverage in Australia

Thuraya operate a GEO-Stationary network with 1 satellite that serves Australia which sits in the West North Western sky above Singapore.

Thuraya Satellite Phone Australian Coverage

The East Coast of Australia is the furthest distance from this Satellite and from Brisbane to Tasmania only averages an elevation of about 22 degrees which is very low. 

Hills and valleys will present coverage challenges to this South Eastern region of Australia and Tasmania however as you move to the West your coverage will improve considerably.


Satellite Phone operation is similar to that of those old Nokia phones we used to love.  A little like going back in time.

If there’s a funky feature WITH these phones other than making voice calls and sending SMS messages, is their ability to send their location co-ordinates to associates or love ones so they can track your travels with applications like Google maps.

The Thuraya Phones are the XT LITE, the XT PRO and the Satellite to Mobile Phone wifi hotspot the Thuraya SatSleeve.

Satellite Phone Warehouse with their Customer feedback and experience have placed a coverage icon to indicate the performance of these Sat Phones in Australia on each handset available.

Thuraya's Coverage indicator across Australia.

Thuraya Satellite Phone Coverage across Australia